Cranberry Coffeehouse – Upcoming Performances

Geoff Kauffman

Saturday March 16 2024

Geoff Kauffman (guitar, concertina and bones) is best known to a lot of people for his 35 years of singing and organizing maritime music at Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut. He maintains an active touring schedule featuring music from such formative influences as Tom Paxton, Joan Baez, and Steve Gillette, as well as songs collected in the Catskill Mountains (where he grew up) and his time as a Sloopsinger with the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater with Pete Seeger. Since his retirement from Mystic in June of 2019, Geoff has turned greater attention to music that speaks to issues of social justice, the climate crisis and our need to find common ground, together with songs that caught his ear over the years for their pure grace and beauty. Among his eight (to date) albums is “Folk Songs of the Catskills: A Celebration of Camp Woodland” featuring folk songs collected in the Catskills, on which Geoff is joined by a wonderful cast of performers including Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Jay Ungar & Molly Mason and Eric Weissberg.

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Eloise & Co.

Friday, March 29 2024 – Special added concert

Eloise & Co. (Becky Tracy on fiddle, octave fiddle & vocals, Bethany Waickman on guitar & Rachel Bell on accordion, piano & vocals) features the combined creative force of three of the country’s most sought-after traditional musicians: Becky Tracy, Rachel Bell, and Bethany Waickman. These three dig into powerhouse reels with electrifying grit and unapologetic drive, while savoring the spacious beauty of jigs and waltzes, with styles ranging from French to Celtic to Quebecois. Originally thrown together at an event where Becky led the contra dance portion of the evening and Rachel led the French dance part of the evening, they have continued to fuse these two elements into their concerts and dances, as well as adding songs and original compositions to the mix. Their latest project was a series of music videos filmed in unique Vermont places, all of which are available on their website at

Lisa Sanders

Saturday April 20 2024

Philadelphia-born Lisa Sanders (now a native of San Diego) is an electrifying harmonizer. Her heartfelt songs are genuine with deep meaning and conviction. A musical style that can only be described as a soulful country blues, her genres include folk pop, gospel, rock and jazz. Sanders has worked with musical legends including the Truckee Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Rait, Al Green, BB King and Babyface. She continues to songwrite, produce and collaborate with artists from all over, and founded Star Woodwork by Lisa, which specializes in handcrafting wooden materials into beautiful objects, structures and garden pieces.

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Spook Handy

Saturday May 18 2024

Spook Handy performed alongside Pete Seeger at festivals and concerts more than 50 times between 2003 and 2013, learning firsthand many of Pete’s songs and the stories behind them. Even more, he learned who Pete Seeger was and what he stood for. Spook is now traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada with his “Remembering Pete Seeger” World Tour, keeping alive Pete’s tradition by sharing songs by Woody Guthrie (Pete’s most notable mentor), Pete Seeger, and a healthy handful of new songs Spook wrote under Pete’s tutelage. “I’ve always felt that an individual can leave a positive mark on the world,” says Spook Handy. “I eventually came to realize that the way I could make a difference was through music.” His albums have been featured on the International Folk Radio Charts, and Spook was named Best Folk Artist by Upstage Magazine, Gannett New Jersey, The Courier News, The Home News and Spook has performed over 3000 concerts in 47 U.S states and 4 Canadian provinces, and we are delighted to bring him to the Cranberry Coffeehouse for his first performance here!

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